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APCO System—Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation in St. Charles, MO

As a property owner, you want to ensure the cleanliness of your indoor air. Not only is it a matter of eliminating foul odors, but purifying your air means killing potentially hazardous microbes. When you are ready to upgrade to one of the most advanced filtration systems on the market, reach out to us to discuss the APCO system—advanced photocatalytic oxidation in St. Charles, MO.

Our company proudly installs this award-winning air-purifying technology. We place the APCO components directly in your property’s ductwork. The system works by treating the air as it passes the components. UV-C lights and activated carbon remove germs and odor from the air. By the time air reaches your indoor spaces through the AC vents, the APCO system has made it thoroughly sanitary and odorless.

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Protect Your Home with an Advanced Air Purifier

APCO has won the HVAC industry’s most prestigious honor—the AHR Innovation award. You can count on this system to keep the air you breathe reliably detoxified. Traditional filters are good at removing particles such as dust from the air. However, these particles only account for around 35% of indoor air contaminants. APCO also treats the remaining 65%, which is made of odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, and germs. The highly effective photocatalytic oxidation technique uses light and activated carbon to disintegrate contaminants and release them back into the air as water vapor. Unlike some technologies, APCO improves indoor air quality without releasing harmful ozone. 

Your Solution for Safe and Odor-Free Air

The APCO system is available in several models. Our team will evaluate your property and help you determine which will be the most beneficial based on your needs. APCO is a whole-house purifying solution. As the EPA will tell you, the quality of air inside homes and offices is often up to five times more polluted than air outside. When you call us to install this unique technology, you can expect to breathe air that’s been cleansed of allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses. What’s more, this sanitization process also eliminates odors caused by cooking, pets, and more.

To take advantage of this innovative system, depend on us. We are the area’s preferred HVAC technicians, and we are ready to get your home’s air flowing smoothly and safely. When it comes to the question of germ and odor reduction, our APCO installation service is the cost-effective answer for long-term effectiveness.

Contact us to install your home’s APCO system. We proudly serve customers in St. Charles, O'Fallon, Chesterfield, Cottleville, and Troy, Missouri.